To reach out medical screening services and specialist medical treatment to the community, especially for the underprivileged community in Malaysia. 




To be leader in medical services by focusing on quality service at an affordable price.




To build a caring society through the provision of healthcare with dignity and respect at all times, regardless of the patient’s finance capacity.




To promote and provide quality healthcare screening amongst Malaysians, regardless of race, colour or creed.



MediAssist4U is a one-stop health screening centre which provides the public a regular health screening especially those with high-risk lifestyles as we will facilitate early detection and prevention of life-threatening diseases with the latest medical technology,regardless of the patient's financial capacity, as we understand what goes on within your body is essential to prevent from unfavourable medical conditions which arises without warning signs or symptoms.

MediAssist4U was set up in 2006 with a mission to provide a wide range of health screening facilities for the public. Our objective is to provide and promote quality healthcare through technology and, in particular, specialised heart screening through telemedicine via video conferencing with experts abroad.

MediAssist4U are pioneers in providing speedy, efficient and affordable screening services.